For organizations
Using calculations Technology «B2B.InvoiceBox» your company can instantly get product or service to a payment account, get a deferred payment up to 20 days. More than 200 000 organizations already with us!
  • Advance system
    If your organization is a regular customer, connect to the deposit system . With the advance system, your organization will be able to arrange the purchase instantly minimizes calculations and reduce paperwork. The system offers the possibility of several employees of the company, available statistical information, an archive of calculations and checkout, help is available for accounting and other useful information. To connect to the system, fill in the form on the contract.
  • Instant payment
    If you need to get the product or service immediately and pay by bank transfer, please use Instant payment service. The system prompts you to block the purchase amount to the credit card on payment period of the account. After locking means you can use the service or get the goods immediately, and the bill will be sent to your email address. Funds on the map will be unlocked after the invoice payment. lock for regular customers funds the map is not required.
  • Deferment of payment
    Regular customers «B2B.InvoiceBox» charged overdraft, allowing to register the purchase with deferred payment. Purchase is made instantly. Delaying payment provided for up to 20 days, with 5 days of delay is free of charge. To use the service of deferred payment fill out an application on agreement.
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