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What it is «B2B.InvoiceBox»?

Organization of sales entities in electronic and retail trade

&Laquo;B2B.InvoiceBox» - This is a full service sales support entities of goods and services. Your company does not need to allocate dedicated staff, involve accounting for the clearance of accounts, Control flow of funds, registration of closing documents and send them to customers. We fully prepare your store corporate sales. You'll get a convenient payment acceptance service, when working with payment systems and even more:



The growth of the customer base

Connection "B2B.InvoiceBox" will attract new customers from among the more than 200,000 organizations, who already use the service.

The increase in corporate sales


Easy registration account in rubles, euros and dollars

Registration of account by the buyer on the site e-shop:
To make an account the customer enters a mobile phone number, email address. address and VAT number of the organization. The account will be issued immediately. The account can be printed out immediately or later from a letter sent by e-mail.

Making the account store employee:
For registration of account, store employee enters the same customer and order information in your account «InvoiceBox». The account will automatically take shape and will be sent to the e-mail address of the buyer.

Invoices for customers outside of Russia:
The system allows you to create invoices in euro, dollar and yuan for buyers in the territory of the European Union, the United States and China. Payment system for invoice is not subject to the Commission for the cross-border operation.


Instant confirmation of invoice payment

To make emergency purchases of corporate customers, technology «B2B.InvoiceBox» can attest to store payment account within 1 minute after its registration. Shop can provide a service, release or deliver the goods directly to the customer , System & laquo; InvoysBoks & raquo; translated guaranteed money the next day.

Customers will know that you can always buy a product in your store whenever you need them.


Deferment of payment

&Laquo;B2B.InvoiceBox» provide the buyer deferred payment up to 20 days, and in the shop translated cash on the next working day. Postponement of payment - is a powerful tool to attract and retain customers, the store does not need to be frozen current assets, the system will provide buyer deferred payment at his own expense.

C «B2B.InvoiceBox» payment deferral account service will be available from the first day of cooperation.


Payment Information

System «B2B.InvoiceBox» confirm payment account store within 5 minutes after as the buyer's bank will write off money from their correspondent account. Proof of payment go on protocol to an online store, a notification to the e-mail address, if you wish, in the form of SMS, as well as display the payment status of the account in your account.

Confirmation of payment on account takes place as easily as when paying by card.


Document, closing documents

&Laquo;B2B.InvoiceBox» It provides automated document preparation and closing of shipping documents. Regardless of the sales volume to increase the staff of accounting is not necessary, all the documents will be prepared and sent you and the customer in time.

Document, working like a clock, one of the most important factors influencing the customer's decision to re-apply to the shop.

Why choose us
Confirmation of payment account within 1 minute after the registration
Overdrafts for corporate clients
Granting deferred payment
Making an account directly in the sales room 24/7 without accounting
Fully automated workflow
Payment for goods and services 24 hours without holidays and output

Who is connected to «InvoiceBox»?

Already connected to the system the largest Russian airline, more than 200 000 organizations have taken advantage of our technology, of which 5000 have an agreement on the connection to the system of deposit and provision of deferred payment.

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