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Background functions

Merchant representative can easily manage the generated bills manually in administrative panel - crate bills, manage bills, make a refund, delete bills.

The current section of the documentation deals with the option of automated bill management. The functions described below allow the merchant's accounting system to send requests to the «Invoicebox» system to create, modify and delete bills.

The account management API means accessing the web service in SOAP or REST + JSON formats at the following addresses:

SOAP: https://ws.invoicebox.ru/ws/participant/wsparticipantlite-pponly.u?wsdl

REST+JSON: https://ws.invoicebox.ru/ws/participant/wsparticipantlite-pponly.u

To work with the web service the following conditions must be met::

  1. In the administrative panel must be formed API security key. API security key uses for signing every request ti web service;
  2. In the administrative panel must be configured IP filter for "API" user group. Access to the web service is organized only for IP addresses specified in the administrative panel;
  3. In the administrative panel a user must be created, on whose behalf interaction will take place. By default, the system adds a user with a name *****-API (look at e-mail message "Activation at Invoicebox system"). The name of such user and password must be used for HTTP authorization when accessing the web service.

When using formats REST+JSON, the name of the called function is passed in the parameter function.

Web service functions

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