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Payment form

Payment form is a set of fields with information about the order. The form is placed on the merchant's website. When the customer clicks the «Pay» button, the order information is sent to the «Invoicebox» system as a set of parameters. Having received the order data from the merchant, the «Invoicebox» system creates a bill for payment and displays the payment page with a set of payment instruments to the customer.

Using the form parameters, you can also manage the payment page, including, but not limited to, items such as:

  • Payment page and a bill language;
  • Payment page style;
  • Payment instruments set.

Payment form sample code

<form action=”[Payment form URL]” method=”post” name=”invoicebox_form”>
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_participant_id” value=”[Merchant ID]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_participant_ident” value=”[Merchant regional code]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_participant_sign” value=”[Form security sign]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_order_id” value=”[Order id]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_order_amount” value=”[Order total amount]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_order_amount_vat” value=”[Order total VAT amount]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_order_currency_ident” value=”EUR” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_order_description” value=”[Order description]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_body_type” value=”[PRIVATE]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_person_name” value=”[Customer's full name]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_person_email” value=”[Customer's e-mail]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_person_phone” value=”[Customer's mobile phone number]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_url_return” value=”[Return URL]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_url_cancel” value=”[Cancel URL]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_item1_name” value=”[Basket item #1 name]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_item1_quantity” value=”[Basket item #1 quantity]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_item1_measure” value=”[Basket item #1 measure]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_item1_price” value=”[Basket item #1 price]” />
   <input type=”hidden” name=”itransfer_item1_vatrate” value=”[Basket item #1 VAT (in %)]” />

Payment form URLs

Production: https://go.invoicebox.ru/module_inbox_auto.u
Sandbox: https://go-dev.invoicebox.ru/module_inbox_auto.u

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