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Before you start API implementation, check the availability of necessary information. To work with the API you will need:

  1. Merchant identifier (merchant ID). Merchant identifier is provided at the moment of joining to the «Invoicebox» system;
  2. Merchant regional code. Merchant regional code is provided at the moment of joining to the «Invoicebox» system;
  3. API security key. Usually, API security key is provided at the moment of joining to the «Invoicebox» system. Security key is sent by e-mail in the letter "Activation at Invoicebox system". In case you did not receive this key, you can generate it automatically at administrative system (Settings). Please note that the security key is a secret password, it should not be stored in public places or transferred to third parties. If a key compromised (If you believe that the key was obtained by third parties), You must immediately change it or report it to the support team.. 

If you have not already joined to the «Invoicebox» system, but you need the specified parameters to implement API, You can use the parameters of demonstration form: Merchant ID — 131, Merchant regional code — 78043. The security key for working with the demonstration merchant is not required.

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