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"Online Access" Service
The service helps to receive goods or services from InvoiceBox partners immediately after placing the order with a delay of payment of the invoice up to 30 days.
One contract, many partners, wide range of goods and services
With “Online Access” service you can:
Confirm the payment of the invoice within 1 minute after its registration
Receive a product or service on the day of ordering
Get an overdraft
Get a deferred payment of invoice payment up to 30 days
InvoiceBox Partners which already ship goods and provide services in the “Online Access” system
How to pay tickets using the system "Online Access"?

Using the airline's website book your ticket. On the payment page, choose the payment method “Payment by bill for organizations”. In the proposed field, enter the mobile phone number that is registered in the "Online Access" system. The name of the organization registered in the "Online Access" system will be filled automatically, enter the password and confirm payment with code which will be send by SMS. Tickets will be issued automatically.

How much are the services of the online access service?

Using “Online Access” system is provided free of charge, you only pay for the cost indicated by the partners of InvoiceBox.

What is a guarantee fund, what is it for?

The guarantee fund is necessary as a guarantee of security for the payment of bills arising in your company to InvoiceBox system. 

All purchases using “Online Access” system are finalized on a postpaid basis. After issuing a ticket or shipment of goods, the invoice can be paid at any time in the current reporting period. 

The guarantee fund cannot be used as a prepayment to pay for purchase of tickets/goods, as well as a final payment upon termination of the contract.

Do I need to keep the guarantee fund on the account of the system, if in the near future I do not plan to use it?

There are no requirements for the mandatory availability of funds of the guarantee fund.

What is the minimum amount of the guarantee fund must be in Online Access system?

There are no restrictions on the minimum amount of the guarantee fund. InvoiceBox recommends that the amount of the guarantee fund be determined based on the needs of the company in making purchases or tickets with post-payment. It is important to know that the guarantee fund cannot be used to pay for purchases. The amount of the guarantee fund is returned in full after the expiration of the contract in the absence of the payment arrears of the payer.

How to expand the list of authorized persons who have access to the ticket issuance in "Online Access" system?

The administrator can add or exclude those who have the right to issue tickets/make purchases using “Online Access” system in personal account in settings section of “Online Access” system.

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