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Policy in the processing of personal data of citizens of the European Union

Customer Rights

The Customer, being an individual, has the following rights regarding the processing of his data:

These rules are available to customers on the company's website: www.invoicebox.ru

  • Users and organizations as per your request.
  • Individuals, organizations and government bodies (to resolve legal issues and settlement of disputes). Invoicebox has the right to provide your data if it believes that this is required by law, normative act, contract in force, legal process or a request from a government agency or if it is necessary for security purposes, etc.
  • Affiliates and subsidiaries of Invoicebox. We transfer information to our affiliates and subsidiaries that assist in the provision of services and process data on our behalf.
  • Partners of the company.
    • operators for acceptance and handling of payments;
    • cloud storage providers;
    • partners ensuring safety and security of applications;
    • consultants, lawyers, accountants and other professional services providers;
    • partners providing transportation services and airports;
    • Other persons with your permission
    • To require correction of their Personal data in case of their inconsistency, incompleteness or incorrectness;
    • To object to the processing of their personal data if the use of personal data requires their consent;
    • To require to erase your Personal Data, for example, if Personal Data is processed on the basis of the consent of the Customer. This right does not apply if the Personal data that the Customer requires to erase is also processed on the basis of a different legal reasoning, for example, a contract or obligations arising from the relevant regulatory acts;
    • To restrict the processing of their personal data in accordance with applicable normative acts;
    • To receive information about whether Invoicebox processes their Personal Data and, if it does, access those data;
    • To receive their personal data provided by themselves and processed on the basis of the consent and performance of the contract in writing or in any of the most commonly used electronic formats and, if technically possible, transfer these data to other service providers (data portability);
    • To withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data;
    • To submit claims about the use of Personal Data to the Data Protection Inspectorate of the Republic of Estonia (webpage www.aki.ee) if the Customer considers that the processing of his Personal data violates his rights and interests in accordance with applicable normative acts.
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