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Organize wholesale sales via the Internet:

"ExpressClient" Technology allows:
  • To automate the processing and transfer the reception of bulk orders to the Internet
  • To accept orders 24 hours a day without breaks and weekends
  • To eliminate the dependence on the managers of the sales department
  • To minimize costs by automating the work flow
  • To attract new customers
  • To increase sales

** - services are provided within the framework of information and technological interaction between the parties to settlements.

* - USC LLC accepts money transfers as a person authorized by the supplier.
Financial services are provided by the partner banks.

** - services are provided within the framework of information and technological interaction between the parties to settlements.

To place their order at any time (24/7)
To receive invoice and closing documents automatically
To confirm payment instantly and to pick up the goods on the day of ordering
(subject to stock availability)
To get deferred payment at the expense of the system
Submit an application
Our specialists will contact you and send the documents required for connection.
Sign and send the contract
The term of verification of documents is 2 to 4 days.
Hold a meeting with our specialists
in order to determine the scope of work to start wholesale sales via the Internet.
Implement integration works
Transfer of the stock-list is automated via API
We implement integration with any warehouse and accounting systems
How does it work?
"InvoiceBox" posts trading system "ExpressClient", which includes a form for ordering and invoicing, on the website of the supplier
Free connection
RUR10 ths./month
Subscription fee
starting from 2%
What is the difference between a classic online store and trading system "ExpressClient"?

Unlike the Internet store, trading system "ExpressClient" includes a specialized functionality, which allows accelerating and simplifying the performance of services to the wholesale customers.

Why do I need to implement trading system "ExpressClient"?

To ensure the nonstop acceptance of orders 24/7. To minimize the dependence on sales managers. To increase sales.

What new options will be available after the introduction of "InvoiceBox" - "ExpressClient"?

Thanks to "InvoiceBox", the customer can make the order and confirm the payment and get the goods or service immediately, 
on the day of the invoice including weekends and holidays.

Who bears the risks, when we shipped the goods or provided the service before the receipt of funds?

Financial risks are borne by USC LLC ( "InvoiceBox" TM)

The funds are guaranteed to arrive to the supplier on the next day, regardless of whether the customer has paid the invoice or not.

How to enter a sale in the accounting?
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