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Invoicebox is an international group of companies providing services in the sphere of e-commerce. The main service provided by Invoicebox to its customers, is outsourcing of settlements with buyers in online sales.

Company history

The company has been working at the market of information technologies since 2003. The first commercial product of the company was service "INTERNET TRANSFER".

As a system of electronic payments, "INTERNET TRANSFER" allowed effective conduct of distance sales, both by phone and on the Internet, offering a wide range of payment methods to buyers, and flexible tools for invoicing and obtaining information about their payment to sellers.

Special attention in "INTERNET TRANSFER" was paid to the simplicity and availability of the system for the end user. The process of buying and selling goods and services turned into a set of usual actions for both the seller and the buyer.

Thanks to the close cooperation with the Russian Union of Travel Industry, service "INTERNET TRANSFER" was offered to companies of the travel industry.  For the first time in Russia, hotels, recreation centers and travel agencies could organize distance sales of their products and services throughout the country by phone and on the Internet.

Further improvement of the service allowed the company to offer the market a new product – system "Invoicebox".

In 2008, system "Invoicebox" was first used for the sale of electronic tickets. The pilot partner was "KD Avia" the airline. System "Invoicebox" allowed full automation of the process of the air ticket payment not only to retail consumers, but to corporate customers as well. The process of registration and payment of an air ticket for a corporate client has become as simple as when paying by credit card.

In 2010, for the first time in Russia, "Invoicebox" launched a project for the Federal Bailiff Service allowing payment of enforcement proceedings by using plastic cards on the website of the Service. In the course of work, the problem of direct transfers of funds to the accounts of the Federal Treasury, depending on the regional affiliation of the district department of the Federal Bailiff Service was solved.

In 2016, together with "InterTelecomService" LLP, for the first time in Russia, a project on money transfers to persons in prison was implemented. Project settlement bank was PJSC "Promsvyazbank"

The facts are that for 10 years, more than 200,000 organizations began to use technology "Invoicebox" for the purchase of air tickets and other services, and partners of the company has significantly reduced costs for processing of payments for e-sales due to the introduction of technology "Invoicebox", which automated the process of work flow and settlements with buyers for the corporate customers.

Today, the company in Russia, the European Union and China processes transactions from more than 10,000 sales per day. 

The key partners of the company are "AEROFLOT" Group, "S7 – Airlines”, "UTair", "Air France", "KLM" "MOBI SPL", and etc. Financial services are provided by the country's largest banks.

Group "Invoicebox" follows the adopted "Anti-Money Laundering Policy" and counteracts the legalization and anti-money laundering and fraudulent transactions. Own monitoring systems help to prevent fraudulent transactions and material damage not only to the company itself, but also to its partners and customers.


Close partnerships with leading transport and financial companies allow us to offer the highest quality and highest service, learn about the latest solutions and apply them in the work. Read more →

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