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In what ways may one issue invoices for payment in system "Invoicebox"?

1. Via payment modules for CMS - once you use a CMS to manage your online store, "Invoicebox" can offer ready-made modules for popular CMS. Once you have not found a ready-made module for your CMS, write to the Development Department to tech@invbox.ru. We will try to develop a module for your CMS as soon as possible.

After the cart is composed and the payment method is chosen, the customer gets to the payment page of "Invoicebox".

2. Via widget/button "Buy/pay" placed on your website - this convenient method is suitable for simple stores and websites. System "Invoicebox" offers a simple tool to create buttons of any configuration in a few clicks. To place a button, all it takes is to specify the data about the purchase, copy the code and place it on your website.

This is the fastest way of integration and payment; after clicking on the "Buy/pay" button, the customer immediately gets to the page of choosing a payment method.

3. Via the personal account of "Invoicebox". In this case, the information for the invoice is entered by the operator of the online store manually; "Invoicebox" sends the invoice to the e-mail address, from where the buyer can go to the payment page. Also, a link to the payment page with payment data can be sent in an SMS. Clicking the link, the customer also gets to the mobile form of payment.

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